Women’s American Basketball Association supports the release of Brittney Griner

July 2022:  As the Women’s American Basketball Association Season 6 proceeds, the League joins its fellow professional women basketball players around the globe in supporting the immediate release of “wrongfully detained” Brittney Griner.  The WABA began its 2022 season on July 1, and provides the opportunity for 19 teams across 18 states to advance the careers of nearly 300 players seeking to secure the next level in their sport and for their incomes here in the U.S. and overseas.  Griner has been held in a Russian prison since February.

Marsha Blount, WABA executive director, says “The WABA stands in solidarity with all the professional sports organizations calling for Brittney Griner’s immediate return back home.”  The WABA was founded in 2017 with 7 team.  By the end of the 2021 season, 39 WABA players were pulled to overseas teams.  Blount continued, “We want all our women seeking opportunities around the globe to feel confident and safe about securing placement and returning home during these troubling times. It’s time for Brittney Griner to come home!”

The WABA teams play every weekend through Labor Day.  The 2022 season will conclude with its finals and all-star games slated for September 30 through October 1.  For further info, please contact Judy Burrell at 202-229-7576