June 30: The Women’s American Basketball Association willtip off its 2022 Season 6 on July 1, as the U.S. celebrates the 50th anniversary of the enactment of Title IX.  The WABA 2022 league includes 20 teams across 18 stateswith 300 women seeking to advance their dreams to play with teams that financially support their talents at the highest levels currently available.  By the end of the 2021 Season,  39 WABA players were pulled to overseas opportunities, where the League’s wide ranging reach within global recruitment continues to grow.

The WABA showcases its players every weekend in cities within four regions acrossof the country:

  • North Lower–DC Cyclones (Washington DC);  Steel City Queens (Pittsburgh PA); Richmond (VA) Roadrunners; Virginia Hearts (Ashburn VA); Greensboro (NC) Kaos  
  • North Upper–LA Maples (Lewiston ME); New England Trailblazers (Medfield MA); Mount Vernon (NY) Shamrocks; Lady Ocean 11 (Brooklyn NY); Jersey Expressions (Newark NJ)   
  • South– Atlanta (GA) Angels; Montgomery (AL) Lady Magic; Gastonia (NC) Greyhounds; Crescent City Voodoux (New Orleans LA); Jacksonville (FL) Force; Tampa Bay (FL) Badgers   
  • Midwest– Sound (St. Louis MO);  West Michigan Elite Stars (Grand Rapids MI); Cincinnati (OH) Reign; Gary Sun-Rays of Indiana (Gary IN).

Each WABA team consists of up to 15 players, and play four home and four away games. Match-ups occur on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays from July 1 through September 30, when the finals, championship and all-star games will take place.Three NCAA Division 1 officials referee each game. The players comprise women seeking to advance their professional basketball opportunities, as they work full time or return from playing overseas.  The League provides exposure to scouts seeking recruits for the growing number of women’s basketball teams around the globe.  Thecurrent WABA Champions are the Jacksonville Force. 

The Women’s American Basketball Association was founded in 2017 with 7 teams by Marsha Blount, President  & CEO, and is headquartered in Denville, NJ near its brother organization the ABA.  “The growth of the WABA from 2017 is an amazing testament to the number of professional women basketball players seeking to advance. We celebrate each of our 2022 players as well as all our alumna around the world.   The WABA teams, players, owners and coaches individually and collectively continue to draw greater demand and attention,” says Blount.  She adds “We formed the WABA with the mantra ‘It’s Our Time!’ and with 50 years of Title IX, I believe that thought is being actualized each year.”

WABA games are live streamed over YouTube channels via the WABA website www.womensaba.com, and through each individual team’s website & YouTube Channel. By the end of 2021, the League, its teams, owners, players and fans drew over a half a million followers across a myriad of social media platforms  Each player’s and team statistics are available on the respective websites as well as the WABA website.

The League is known for its unique rules that foster a faster paced game, leading to more exciting moments and higher scoring:

  • Guard driven league results in 40 minutes of fast paced action
  • Half-court violation occurs after 7 seconds; if a team is not successful in getting over the half-court line within 7 seconds it results in a turnover which initiates the 3D light
  • When the 3D Light is on: 2 pt. shots = 3 pts. | 3 pt. shots = 4 pts. | a half-court shot = 5 pts.
  • Six fouls leads to a technical foul and the ball | a player cannot foul out of the game
  • Overtime 3/10 & Out

Each WABA team is community focused to encourage young girls to pursue their basketball ambitions as they demonstrate how women are lifelines in their locales.  The teams collaborate on activities year round to support immediate needs as well as the future growth of their city’s residents and fans. Venues for the weekend games are generally schools, community centers and other recreation or fitness facilities in their individual markets.  The teams seek out local partnerships and sponsors as the league pursues the same nationally.

As professional women sports teams grow across the globe, investment in the growth of women with the WABA and its partners is paramount.  The collaboration of these 2022 Season WABA teams demonstrates an amazing depth of skill and achievement and promises ongoing excitement!  For further information and/ or to connect with WABA Executives or individual WABA teams, contact Judith Burrell, director of WABA Business Development, at jburrell.bpc@gmail.com or 202-299-7576.