The WABA Is Expanding

November 4, 2021 – The WABA is Expanding! Join the League of Opportunity for 2022. Interested in Owning a Womens Professional Basketball Team, playing or coaching with us…we want to hear from you!!

After a successful 2021 season, the WABA has opened expansion for 2022. Opportunity around the country is open, and the league is accepting inquiries.

The WABA held a hugely successful inaugural Final 4 and All Star Game, which maximized the talent in the league. With a record 35 players leaving their teams for overseas opportunities, the WABA is primed for huge expansion and partner opportunities!

The WABA Community Cares Program is expanding within the communities in which the league teams play. Being a part of the community is extremely important to the league.

For more information on the WABA, or to request Expansion information Email: or log o to