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You may have seen or heard the name LaDonna M. Smith on your bookshelf; TV; radio; or in your neighborhood. Known for writing books and creating successful events, LaDonna is no stranger to business and success. She owns her own book publishing company where she has already self-published two books: I Married Satan; and Oh! Is That Why I’m Still Single? Others including Hannah’s Song: A Musical Approach to Potty Training will be released in the near future.

LaDonna M. Smith is a native of Fairmount Heights MD. She is the owner of her company Philatonian Productions which also includes Fire and Words Publishing. She has worked with several radio stations and shows; the Black Writer’s Guild of Maryland, Inc. as the Events Coordinator and Board Member of the Board of Directors.  She has also served as the President and Vice President of Maryland’s Writer’s Association (Bmore Chapter).

Basketball Live: Although LaDonna has never played organized basketball, she is no stranger to it. Because of her family’s love for it and many of them playing for teams, and serving in the capacity of leadership to include commissioners of leagues, she was and is constantly surrounded with the game. Ms. Smith has also assisted the then Baltimore Pearls Semi-Pro Basketball team with marketing and promotion. After the team disembarked LaDonna inquired several times about acquiring the Pearls. However, while watching the 2015 NBA Playoff game the unction to inquire about the Pearls came to LaDonna again. She sent an email to inquire. A few days later Joe Newman phoned her back and they discussed the venture. And upon hanging up the phone, LaDonna began researching and developing the PG Valor Basketball Team.

There is no doubt that with the connections and network of people; organizations and more surrounding LaDonna-the PG Valor Basketball Team-Prince George’s County Maryland’s first Professional Basketball Team is going to not only be a strong but withstanding branch of the ABA League. This is also true of the addition of the PG Courage Women’s American Basketball Association team – the first professional women’s basketball team of Prince George’s County MD as well.

In 2017 Ms. Smith was asked and accepted the position of Assistant Division Chair of our division.