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Adria Harris a native of Birmingham, Alabama! She is the head coach of the newly developed Lady Magic Semi-Pro Women’s Basketball team and she is be entering her sixth season as head girls basketball coach at Carver High School, both teams are located in Montgomery, Alabama. For eight seasons, Harris coached on the Division 1 collegiate level at Alabama State University, two years as a dedicated graduate assistant, and six years as a full-time assistant. ASU is also where Adria played shooting guard from 2001 to 2005. During her career as a student-athlete at Alabama State University, Harris helped lead the Lady Hornets to a record of 54-18 in conference play and captured two regular-season SWAC titles. Adria earned a bachelor’s degree in communications in 2005 and her master’s in health education in 2008. Adria is currently pursuing her P.H.D in Sports Management at Troy University. She has received several awards throughout her illustrious athletic career. In 2011, Adria was inducted into her high school athletic hall of fame at St Paul’s located in Mobile, Al, where she was a three-sport student-athlete and a proud graduate of the class of 2001. Throughout Adria’s career, she was not only a great player on the court, but she excelled off the court as well. Academically she stayed ahead of the class! She was a scholar-athlete who allowed sports to shape her into the inspirational leader, motivator, and positive driving force she is today! She is currently enjoying her time as a head coach on the high school level and semi-pro level. While at Carver High School she has lead the Lady Wolverines to 4 Area championships, 5 sweet sixteens, 1 Elite 8, and 1 Final Four! Adria’s ultimate goal is to return to coaching on the collegiate level one day at a major Division 1 University. She knows all things are possible to them that believe and she understands that without God she is absolutely nothing. Her main objective is to empower young girls and women through the game of basketball by continuing to work hard, impact lives, make a difference, and NEVER STOP BELIEVING!! 



Aug 3 12:30 pm DC Cyclones 88 Maryland Jewels 58 Aug 3 1:00 pm Gary Indiana Sun Rays 44 Midwest Sound 121 Aug 3 4:00 pm CLEVELAND BLAZE 82 LADY JAYHAWKS 76 Aug 3 4:00 pm Tri State City Blackhawks 61 ATLANTA ANGELS 89 Aug 3 4:00 pm Lady Monarchs 66 Macon Blue Diamonds 68 Aug 4 3:00 pm Chicago Legends 84 Gary Indiana Sun Rays 29 Aug 4 4:00 pm Montgomery Lady Magic 55 ATLANTA ANGELS 81 Aug 10 3:00 pm LADY JAYHAWKS 63 DC Cyclones 126 Aug 10 3:00 pm ATLANTA ANGELS 61 Montgomery Lady Magic 56 Aug 10 4:00 pm STEEL CITY QUEEENS 82 CLEVELAND BLAZE 86 Aug 10 4:00 pm Gastonia Greyhounds 91 Lady Monarchs 102 Aug 10 4:00 pm Jersey Expressions 80 Mount Vernon Shamrocks 93 Aug 10 6:00 pm Midwest Sound 166 Gary Indiana Sun Rays 29 Aug 11 6:00 pm Mount Vernon Shamrocks 103 Jersey Expressions 91 Aug 17 12:30 pm DC Cyclones 105 LADY JAYHAWKS 51 Aug 17 2:00 pm Montgomery Lady Magic 89 Macon Blue Diamonds 87 Aug 17 4:00 pm Jersey Expressions 0 Maryland Jewels 1 Aug 17 4:00 pm Lady Monarchs 89 Tri State City Blackhawks 63 Aug 17 6:00 pm Chicago Legends 87 Midwest Sound 96 Aug 18 3:00 pm Chicago Legends 80 Midwest Sound 88 Aug 18 4:00 pm ATLANTA ANGELS 80 Gastonia Greyhounds 57 Aug 24 1:00 pm Macon Blue Diamonds 74 ATLANTA ANGELS 83 Aug 24 4:00 pm Lady Monarchs 65 Montgomery Lady Magic 50 Aug 24 4:00 pm Maryland Jewels 95 CLEVELAND BLAZE 73 Aug 24 4:00 pm Gastonia Greyhounds 1 Tri State City Blackhawks 0 Aug 24 6:00 pm Midwest Sound 88 Chicago Legends 83 Aug 25 12:00 pm LADY JAYHAWKS CLEVELAND BLAZE Aug 25 4:00 pm Macon Blue Diamonds Montgomery Lady Magic Aug 31 1:30 pm DC Cyclones Jersey Expressions Aug 31 3:00 pm LADY JAYHAWKS Maryland Jewels Aug 31 6:00 pm Mount Vernon Shamrocks STORM Aug 31 6:00 pm Gary Indiana Sun Rays Chicago Legends Sep 6 7:00 pm CLEVELAND BLAZE STEEL CITY QUEEENS Sep 7 12:30 pm DC Cyclones STEEL CITY QUEEENS Sep 7 4:00 pm ATLANTA ANGELS Macon Blue Diamonds Sep 7 4:00 pm Jersey Expressions Mount Vernon Shamrocks Sep 7 4:00 pm Lady Monarchs Gastonia Greyhounds Sep 7 6:00 pm Maryland Jewels LADY JAYHAWKS Sep 7 6:00 pm Midwest Sound Gary Indiana Sun Rays Sep 8 3:00 pm Sep 8 4:00 pm Montgomery Lady Magic Tri State City Blackhawks Sep 8 4:00 pm Chicago Legends Gary Indiana Sun Rays Sep 21 1:03 pm Macon Blue Diamonds Lady Monarchs Sep 21 4:00 pm Gastonia Greyhounds ATLANTA ANGELS Sep 21 4:00 pm STEEL CITY QUEEENS DC Cyclones Sep 21 6:00 pm Maryland Jewels Jersey Expressions Sep 21 6:00 pm Mount Vernon Shamrocks STORM Sep 21 6:00 pm Midwest Sound Chicago Legends Sep 21 7:00 pm Tri State City Blackhawks Montgomery Lady Magic Sep 22 3:00 pm Tri State City Blackhawks Gastonia Greyhounds Sep 22 4:00 pm CLEVELAND BLAZE STEEL CITY QUEEENS Sep 22 6:00 pm Mount Vernon Shamrocks Jersey Expressions Sep 28 3:00 pm Gastonia Greyhounds Macon Blue Diamonds Sep 28 4:00 pm Maryland Jewels DC Cyclones Sep 28 4:00 pm Montgomery Lady Magic Lady Monarchs Sep 28 4:00 pm STEEL CITY QUEEENS STORM Sep 28 4:00 pm ATLANTA ANGELS Tri State City Blackhawks Sep 28 6:00 pm Mount Vernon Shamrocks LADY JAYHAWKS Sep 28 6:00 pm Gary Indiana Sun Rays Midwest Sound Sep 29 3:00 pm Gary Indiana Sun Rays Chicago Legends Oct 4 7:00 pm STEEL CITY QUEEENS CLEVELAND BLAZE Oct 5 2:00 pm STORM STEEL CITY QUEEENS Oct 5 3:00 pm LADY JAYHAWKS Mount Vernon Shamrocks Oct 5 4:00 pm CLEVELAND BLAZE Maryland Jewels Oct 5 4:00 pm Jersey Expressions DC Cyclones