I95 Sports Network.com and the Women’s American Basketball Association (WABA). Has struck a deal where all the league games will be streamed live by them. The league currently has 12 professional female basketball teams (Clovers, Lady Steam, Blaze, Lady Hunters, Expressions, Shamrock, Riptides,  Cougars, Lady Pitts, Dynasty, Jewels, and Long Island Storm playing in it. The 2018 season starts in the beginning of August and finishes at the end of October. Making it more affordable to become an owner of a professional basketball team.

All interested in owning a WABA team must contact the league office at womensaba@hotmail.com

One of the many perks that the league has to offer is having your games live streamed by I95 Sports Network. The league takes pride in offering opportunities for coaches, players, referees or front office staff. Regardless of your race, religion or sexual preference.